Q 1 - Am I ready for yoga teacher training? How much experience in yoga do I need to have?

Our courses are fit for all levels. Some students come with no experience at all, others have been practicing yoga for years. Our teachers will help you on your learning journey whatever your experience is. You just need to come with your open mind and a big appetite for learning and growing!

Q 2 - How intensive is this course? Will I have much time off to see the sights?

We know that it can be expensive to take an extended trip abroad, so we try to get our students through our courses in as little time as possible. That means that we take one day off per week, with the other six dedicated to your lessons. While you can use these days for sightseeing, we recommend you arrive early if you wish to take any extensive trips away from the school.

Q 3 - What is the yoga teacher training like? What subjects do you cover in the Yoga Teacher Training Courses?

Tapas Yogshala is one of the Best Hatha Yoga School in Rishikesh and registered with Yoga Alliance, U.S.A., covering a wide range of subjects that will help you to become a confident yoga teacher and grow on a personal and spiritual level. Course syllabus are: Hatha Yoga Asanas / Shat-karma (Cleansing Process) / Pranayama (Breathing Techniques) / Yoga Anatomy & Physiology / Yoga Philosophy/ Mantra Chanting / Meditation/ Explore Indian Culture, Natural Waterfall Visit / Meditation Cave Visit and Indian Village & Temples Visit/ Aarti at the bank of river Maa Ganga.

Q 4 - Will I be able to teach yoga in my home country once I have completed this course? Is your course certified by Yoga Alliance?

All our courses are certified by the Yoga Alliance, the international standard for yoga teaching, meaning you will be fully qualified to teach yoga anywhere in the world. The 200 hour yoga teacher training course we offer is the standard one if you want to become a certified yoga teacher.

Q 5 - How can I become a certified yoga teacher or yoga instructor?

To become a certified yoga teacher, you must successfully complete a yoga teacher training course and show competence in your ability to teach a yoga class. Find out what the suggested minimum requirements for yoga teachers are at: www.yogaalliance.org. The yoga alliance page also lists training programs and yoga schools that meet their minimum standards.

Q 6 - How many students are there in the YTT classes/courses?

We accept 10 to 15 students in each batch or course of Yoga Teacher’s Training Course.

Q 7 - Do you have yoga courses for beginners? Do you organize yoga immersion retreats?

Yes! Besides our yoga teacher training courses, we organize a wide range of yoga and meditation courses for beginners, 15 day course, You can find all the information about our courses in the menu section on tapas Yogshala’s website. For any doubts, feel free to email us at tapasyogshala@gmail.com

Q 8 - Where will I stay? Is it safe to travel alone to Rishikesh?

Yes, it is safe to travel alone to Rishikesh, many tourists do it. It might be a bit challenging to travel by local buses or trains sometimes if you are never been to India before, as it’s very different from other parts of the world.
Our primary Yoga school is situated in Rishikesh, surrounded by breathtaking mountains and bank of mother Ganga. You’ll wake up to the sounds of nature, with birds calling you to start your day of yoga and meditation. You’ll stay in a beautiful and comfortable room, private bathroom and hot water. For more information about our rest of locations, please email us at: www.tapasyogshala@gmail.com

Q 9 - Do I get private room with toilet and shower? Can I stay with a friend or partner?

Yes! Your private room includes bathroom, hot & cold shower, Wi-Fi. You can buy shared room with your friend or partner. For more information about shared rooms, please email us at www.tapasyogshala@gmail.com

Q 11 - Can I stay if I arrive a few nights earlier?

Yes, you can if we have free rooms, as we only guarantee you a room during the time of your course. We also offer accommodation for the night before you begin your course.

Q 12 - What if I have special diet requirements?

We make every effort to accommodate our guest’s dietary requirements wherever possible. For example, some of our students are vegan, others don’t tolerate well spicy food.

Q 13 - Where can I wash my clothes? Do you have laundry facilities?

We have laundry service on a pay per clothing.

Q 14 - Can we use phones at school?

Yes, when you are not at your classes you are free to use a cellphone.

Q 15 - How can I use the Internet at school?

Our wireless internet is free and easily accessible, so you can bring your phone or your laptop in order to use it.

Q 16 - Do you have available AC at the school during the summer months? and a heater in winter?

Yes! You need not worry about the facilities at Tapas Yogshala, Rishikesh India. We offer both the options; AC or Non-AC rooms in Summers; and Heater or without Heater rooms in Winters. You can contact us before paying for an opted yoga course and put your demand of room before us. We will offer you the room accordingly.

Q 17 - If I want to skip class, am I able to do that?

In case of an emergency, yes, but you’ll have to inform the teacher of the class about it.

Q 18 - When do we have free time?

You’ll have some breaks during your daily schedule. You have one off day in a week, so you’ll have time to discover.

Q 19 - If I want to skip class, am I able to do that?

In case of an emergency, yes, but you’ll have to inform the teacher of the class about it.

Q 20 - Are the teachers qualified?

The teachers are very experienced and having diplomas/degrees in their subjects. They are from a Yoga or Meditation background and practicing it for many years.

Q 21 - Will language be my barrier as English is not my first language?

No, all students are coming from different parts of the world, so English is the most likely second language of them. The courses are easily understandable and teachers will help you with anything.

Q 22 - Do I have to read any books?

We have a big Library that you’ll have to read during your course. It is your choice to start before your arrival or once you are at school. We also have a library in school and you can read the books at library.